Stop Eugenics: No Forced Sterilization!

As discussed in our latest post, the Washington State Supreme Court is poised to create a new form for guardians to petition the court to forcefully sterilize the person they are a guardian for. This is a blatant attack on the disability community and we must fight back to stop it.

This page will hold all our public campaign material (documents linked here), further reading, explain how to get involved in this campaign, and serve as a timeline for the campaign.

Below is a sample response that you can base your comments you will be sending to Commissioner Rebekah Zinn ( as per her sub-committees ask for the advice of disabled people and our allies on whether or not the Washington State Supreme Court should have an official form for guardians to petition the court for forced sterilization of the people they are guardians of.

Make your subject line read “Comments RE:Forms for Sterilization of Wards”

“Dear Commissioner Rebekah Zinn,

I am writing you to state my explicit disagreement with the creation of forms for guardians to petition their wards be sterilized without their wards consent as pursuant to Hayes. Forced sterilization is a form of medical abuse that goes contrary to Washington’s values. By making these forms and increasing ‘awareness’ of this legal process, you will be increasing the incidents of forced sterilization. I am a [person with a disability/an ally to people with disabilities] and I am appalled that the sub-committee is considering making these forms.

[Here you can put a personal story, more reasons why you are against this, or anything else.]

Please do the right thing and do not create forms for forced sterilization.

Thank you. Sincerely,

[Your Name]


Public comment is due January 31st!

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UPDATE: Many groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union and Gender Justice League have come out to oppose the creation of these forms!

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